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MXZEHN installation from mappingfestival on Vimeo.

environment design

Frischvergiftung @ Mapping Festival '09 from Frischvergiftung on Vimeo.


by AntiVJ - 3Destruct


by AntiVJ - AntiVJ is a visual label


I. Motivation
II. Related Work
III. Completed Work
IV. Proposed Work
V. Timeline & Methods
VI. Bibliography

What biological reasons do we wear clothes?
What is the relationship between graphics and fashion?
What is the difference between graphics and fashion?
What is interactive graphics?
Why realtime graphics in a fashion show?

This study aims to define graphics in fashion; fashion show.
Fashion and graphics are essentially related, because they both are representational ways of visualizing elements like forms, colors, dimensions, texture etc. They both reflect the scenery of historical and political background. However, the research on this topic has been insufficient, especially on fashion shows.

The analysis of uniqueness of graphics’ possibilities in future fashion shows and the fashion statements will become the key to this project.

Completed Work
These examples of short clips show the current fashion statements, using 3D holograms, 3D projections, and interactive media.

With the development of these technologies, the viewers are more and more interested in seeing what they have not seen before in any kind of fields. Especially, when it comes to a fashion show, it is no longer about showing clothes and design. It is about new experience.

Proposed Work
This thesis work will be represented as a fashion show for an existing brand or a new launching brand. Realtime audio and graphics will be performed throughout the show. This thesis will not only find new ways of representing a fashion show, but will contribute to positioning an innovative graphics’ genre in fashion.

Timeline & methods

*Brand Identity
*packages & promotional packages
*show case

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

list of interviewers

David Hall physical media designer
United Bamboo's Miho Aoki & Thuy Pham
권영호 fashion photographer
김원선 designer
김용준 graphic designer
리밍 stylist
박효신 graphic designer
서정기 fashion designer
설준기 distributer
우종완 stylist
이타리 fashion designer
정구호 fashion designer

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

study list

Graphics in fashion (Fashion show)
-fashion statements
-Fashion shows
Environmental design
Runway / stage
Real time
Sound System

*Brand Identity
*packages & promotional packages
*show case